how it's done

It's good to meet up to plan the shoot, finding out what you like and discussing clothes and locations, then the date can be set.
The cost of the session is £55.

The session will cover many different ideas and you’ll finish up with a very special set of portraits to choose from.

About a week afterwards you come to the studio where you can see the images.

Life changes, photographs last
Phone 02380 253666 or email to make an appointment

Framed prints, portfolios, single prints, boxes of prints, books and albums - there’s lots to show you!


There are also value added packages so you can get more for your money.

For instance, you could get a 16”x14” framed wall print plus three 8x6 single prints for just £265.

Or a leather bound book, a 16”x 14” framed wall print and a 9” x 6” single print for £460.