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how it's done

It's good to plan the session together, discuss clothes and locations, and set the date. 

The cost of the session is £55.

The session will cover many different ideas and you’ll finish up with a very special set of portraits to choose from.

About a week afterwards you will be able to see the images. You can choose and buy online.

Prints, portfolios, books and digital copies - there will be lots to choose from. Orders start from just £53.
There are also value added packages so you can get more for your money.

For instance, you could choose a portfolio of six 8x6" prints, three 7.5 x 5” prints  and a memory stick of ten images for £396*

Or a leather-bound book of up to 25 images, one 9” x 6" print mounted ready for you to frame and a memory stick of all your chosen images for £792*

* prices stated if orders are placed within the first 7 days of going online.

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